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Introducing Heather Dowling in...

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Heather and her writing partner, Michelle Lee Barton, partnered with Drama 3/4 Productions to produce our comedy series, DOWN THE MIDDLE.

We successfully crowdfunded, shot and premiered the project on March 6th, 2021.


Featuring: Tom Bergeron


What's it about?

How will KAREN, an uptight workaholic who lives for the  job (and the possibility of being named “partner”) at a boutique ad agency, survive when the owner announces his surprise retirement and reveals that Karen will be a partner -  with his daughter, AURORA, a bohemian trust fund baby who has never had to punch a clock? They will either find a way to work together or destroy the “golden goose” that has funded Aurora’s shamanic journeys and been Karen’s dream job from the beginning.

Meanwhile... Another AWARD-WINNING Solo Show!

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Producers' Encore Award, 2019 Hollywood Fringe
Best of SOLOFEST 2020 & 2021
Best Solo Performance, 2019 Hollywood, Fringe
Performer of the Decade, Broadway World - L.A.
SOLOFEST 2020 & 2021 Whitefire Theatre, L.A.
Los Angeles Women's Theatre Festival 2020 & 2021

About Me...

I am an actress and a writer who has been impersonating someone who wanted a “real job” since the age of 14. I have now surrendered to my true passion for performing and my creative call to write.


What else? I am a thriving MS patient who loves NFL football, good food, good wine and karaoke. You can keep up with me on Instagram and on Twitter, @SaysHeather

Want to learn more about Multiple Sclerosis, and the MS Society?  Click here!

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