SCI-FI, m/F Dialogue

Military Interrogates Linguist + Aliens

1st person

rom-com, M/F Dialogue

Meet Cute Gone Wrong


Non-Fiction, History

Founding Ladies of the CIA


DRAMA, M/F dialogue

The Pandemic Ignores Plans

1st person

crime, m/F Dialogue

Public Defender Losing the Fight

3rd Person

NON-fiction, how to

Technique and Advice for Actors

1st Person

About me


Heather Dowling is an award-winning writer and actor who has been applauded for her performances on screen and in her one-woman shows. Now, she brings that love of storytelling and colorful characters to life with her audio book narration.

She’s the voice of the mama bear fiercely protecting her loved ones. She’s the best friend gently talking you off the ledge – or nimbly getting you out of trouble. And she’s the last boisterous cheer on the way out the door at closing time. Heather brings life to modern-day women’s fiction – whether a twisty mystery with a simmering romance built in, or a soul-searching adventure to find fulfillment. In the world of empowering non-fiction and self-discovery, Heather narrates with a warm, knowledgable quality described as “intelligent, reassuring and engaging.” And her no-nonsense matter-of-fact tone makes for a trustworthy and clear audio translation of historical non-fiction.

Home Recording Studio:

  • PD70 Dynamic Broadcast Mic
  • Scarlet2i2 G3 USB Audio Interface
  • TubePREv2 Mic Preamp

Heather believes nothing is more powerful than storytelling to connect us to our shared humanity – our empathy, our courage, and our love. Acting, writing and narration has fulfilled this mission in a way nothing in her previous life ever had. Heather tried working “real jobs” starting at age 14. She had more than 30 jobs in 30 years before giving herself permission to live a life of creative performance. From a stint in the United States Navy to the Director of Operations for a legal service company to managing a candy store, Heather has a deep well to draw from to vividly create the stories she’s been asked to tell.

Heather brought to life 50 distinct characters in her critically acclaimed one-person shows, Unemployed. Finally. and Fertile. Both won the Producer’s Encore Award and were nominated for Best Solo Performance at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Both were also selected for the prestigious L.A Women’s Theatre Festival and awarded Best of Fest at Solofest, the largest solo theatre festival on the West Coast. And Unemployed was selected for United Solo, the largest solo festival in the world on 42nd Street in NYC.


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If you are interested in collaborating with me on a project, or if you are interested in solo performance coaching, please don't hesitate to reach out.